If you’ve been to 1 of our Vape Meets before then you’ll know what they’re all about…

As always, Riot Squad joined in the party with their sensational ‘Weapons of mass disruption’ Van and they gave away heaps of great prizes to all the winners of various games.

‘Hot box the Van’ had a record 10 teams compete, 2 of which scored top marks. To decide the winner Team Cthulu and Team Bacon Butties chose their strongest member to partake in a head to head battle that was ultimately won by Team Cthulu. Good job really, those matching Mechanical set ups must have set them back a few quid!

Over 20 people signed up for the Cloud comps and for the first time ever the regulated section produced a better top distance than the Mechanical section! The winners were ‘Ant’ and ‘Darrell’ respectively, each being awarded a bag full of goodies by Riot Squad.

In this edition of the South Coast famous Every Cloud Vape Meet, the raffle had some of it’s best prizes yet. Thanks as always to UKVB who generously donated 6 bottles of liquid, a Wismec SW kit and a signed Wismec Realeaux Gen 3. Jay Bo (The designer) himself gave the lucky winner his autograph. Might be worth something someday, you never know. As luck would have it, the ultimate winner of the top prize happened to be a collector. Well that’s a device he certainly wouldn’t have had before! In total, the value of prizes awarded in the raffle eclipsed £500; another Every Cloud record!

The event itself was filmed start to finish and you can get involved in the festivities, simply by searching for it on Facebook. At last count, the footage had received over 15,000 views! Below you’ll find CCTV proof of just how much of a riot we created. Until next time!…

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