We know that it can be daunting even thinking about giving up smoking…

Trust us, we’ve all been there once upon a time. It wasn’t until we discovered the true benefits ourselves and broke them down into a timeline that we realised the true power of giving up once and for all!

20 minutes after the last cigarette…

Shortly after your last cigarette, your body will start to recover from the harmful chemicals that have been circulating your body. Your heart rate will become more regular and closer to that of a non smoker.

2 hours after the last cigarette…

After just 2 hours, your blood pressure and heart rate will be almost back to that of a non smoker. Depending on your routine, these 2 hours may have been some of the most difficult you’ve had to endure for a while, but knowing that you’re making the step in the right direction should be enough to keep on going!

8 hours after the last cigarette…

The craving for a Cigarette is usually quite strong at this point. This is why we are here to provide high quality, regulated vaping products to help you kick the craving and not go back to Cigarettes!

12 hours after the last cigarette…

The Carbon Monoxide in your blood would have reduced almost to that of a non smoker. Oxygenated blood will be replacing it which is very good news for your blood cells and will help to avoid any further damages that may have been caused.

24 hours after the last cigarette…

Your risk of a heart attack will have decreased massively. Every minute that goes by without a cigarette will generate huge improvements to your health. Your body is very good at repairing when we ingest harmful chemicals.

48 hours after the last cigarette…

The nerves in your body will start to repair, resulting in a stronger sense of smell and taste. We don’t often realise that smoking can nerf our senses. It’s time to treat yourself to your favourite meal for getting past the 48 hour mark!

1-2 weeks after the last cigarette…

The blood circulation in your gums and teeth would have improved massively. This will help to combat any potential mouth disease.

There are plenty of other stages to this process which we will share soon. Due to this being the very start of our #SmokeFreeLife campaign. We will check back with everyone giving this a go. We really want to help as many of you as we can. We can guarantee that all of our products are regulated under UK TPD compliance and we can also guarantee vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

It’s time to stand up and kick your habit. We’re here every step of the way. Stay tuned for bundle offers, helpful information and other fun things happening over the next few months.

Well done to all of you!

-Every Cloud Vape Shop


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