Closed Pod Kits

Closed Pod Kits

Closed Pod systems are the most convenient way to vape. They also tend to be the most expensive. The key difference between Open and Close systems is the ability to refill, or lack there of. If you want something that requires absolutely no maintenance beyond regular charging, Closed Pods are for you.

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Juul has made the Closed Pod systems mainstream over the past few years and as a result, loads of other big manufacturers have started producing their own, similar products. We actually rank pretty low in terms of quality and performance and if it’s a Closed Pod system you want, we recommend the Kilo 1k every time! You should also consider value for money, as not all replacement Pods contain the same volume of e-liquid. In fact, a typical Juul user will use a whole Pod every day at a cost of nearly £3. A Kilo 1k user is more likely to get as long as 3 days per Pod, at a cost of less than £2 per day.

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