Established in 2012 by Mr Sky Zhang, WOTOFO was one of the first vaping brands to launch in China. As a former smoker and early adopter of vaping technologies, Mr Zhang realized that vaping could save many lives and so surrounded by a team of passionate engineers, the WOTOFO story began.

In 2014, WOTOFO released the “game changing” FREAKSHOW RDA which launched WOTOFO into the worldwide market and cemented the brands reputation for innovative, quality and user-friendly products within the vaping sector, winning the respect and admiration of users, reviewers and engineers.

In 2017, WOTOFO launched the brands first cooperative produce, the SERPENT SMM RTA and has gone on to develop a range of innovative vape atomizers including the super popular Profile RDA.

WOTOFO constantly strive to develop our technology in order to offer excellent products and outstanding customer service.