The EVERY CLOUD guide to Vaping is where you can find out all the information you will ever need whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned Vaper seeking coil-building tips or more.

Below, we explain everything from battery safety to coil changing and wattage mode to Ohms law. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, check out our FAQ section or use the enquiry form to get in touch.

Getting started

We understand that vaping for most people is a completely Alien concept. We all see horror stories on social media about when things go wrong or that vaping isn’t actually safer than smoking. Let us assure you, it is…very much so!

The majority of e-liquids, especially those in compliance with the TPD (Tobacco products directive) are made from just 4 ingredients:

  • Vegetable Glycerin – Literally made from vegetables
  • Propolyene Glycol – Present in inhalers
  • Flavourings – The same grade stuff that you eat every single day
  • Nicotine (Optional) – Extremely addictive yes but not harmful in small doses

THAT’S IT! There are no chemicals, no toxins and certainly no TAR…

Now that we’ve eased your mind, you’ll need to get started with a SUITABLE device. The easiest way to explain, is by mentioning that there are two types of vaping:

‘Mouth to lung’ and ‘straight to lung’

The main but not only difference is in the way the user draws in the vapour.

A mouth to lung device is ideal for starters. The process of using the device replicates smoking in the sense that the user will draw the vapour at a slow pace, into their mouth before holding, breathing it down and blowing it out; just like a cigarette. Typically, the user will use a liquid with a nicotine content of between 3 and 18mg, depending on the level of their nicotine addiction. There are 2 forms of Nicotine, ‘Freebase’ and ‘Salt’. Freebase is more mainstream and is probably what you may have tried in the past. Salt is a new concept that allows users to contract Nicotine in a more enjoyable way. The best way to describe it, is that it feels a lot let harsh than Freebase Nicotine, which means you can have a higher dosage to satisfy cravings, without the irritation. The are so many variable factors involved that it’s unlikely a new user will get it right first off but our staff in store are always happy to sit and discuss all this before a purchase is made and you can call our helpline for more information before buying online too. For ultimate convenience, try ‘Closed Pod devices’ which don’t require the changing of coils or refilling of liquid; in stead, you simply remove and dispose of the pre-filled Pod and replace it with a new one. That’s it!


The liquid itself needs to be a ‘low VG’ liquid if it’s being used in a mouth to lung device. There are some exceptions to that rule, but if you’re just starting out, we recommend you stick to it until you learn more. A liquid is classed as low VG if it has a VG content of 50 or less. It’s a % and generally dictates both how thick the liquid is and how well it vaporises. For example, a low VG liquid vaporises best at a low wattage and a high VG liquid vaporises best at a high wattage. All our devices come with an EVERY CLOUD  recommended wattage and recommended VG range indicator. If you’re choosing a starter kit, chances are the device will have a fixed wattage, making it even easier to get going.

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Coils and changing coils

Coils are essentially the engine of your device. They are disposable and average life times depend on various factors which we will explain below. There are hundreds of different coils for hundreds of different devices. In some rare scenarios coils are interchangeable but in general, you need the right one for your device.

All the coils listed on our website come with details of the relevant brand, recommended wattage range where applicable and recommended VG range required. Coils are classed as consumable and therefore come with no warranty, but rest assured, below you can read about all the tips and tricks to keep your coil alive as long as possible. It goes without saying that you need to make sure you’re buying the right coil for your device!

Coils are rated by resistance and in general, high resistance = low wattage and visa versa. Mouth to lung vapers typically use coils with a high resistance and straight to lung vapers typically use coils with a low resistance. Just remember that where coils are concerned, less is more. For example, if you’re using a starter kit with a 1.5 Ohm coil but you feel as though you’re ready for a more substantial sensation, you might try switching to a lower resistance coil. Likewise, if you’re using a device with a 0.25 Ohm coil but it’s producing too much, too quickly and you want a harsher, more restricted draw, you might want to consider seeking a higher resistance coil.

Before using any new coil, you MUST prime it first. It’s extremely important, especially with lower resistance coils that are going to have a high wattage run through them. It will take a couple of minutes to do properly so take your time and ensure it’s done correctly. Simply drop some liquid straight into all visible cotton areas, a couple of times each. Then install the coil, fill the tank and close the airway off completely. WITHOUT firing the device, take 4 or 5 long hard pulls. This will create a vacuum, ensuring that the centre of the coil comes into contact with the liquid. Lastly, open the airway fully and take several very gentle puffs.

The life of a coil will depend completely on how the device is used. Mouth to lung devices are designed for long, drawn out and frequent puffs because the high resistance of the coils are capable of dealing with that. Straight to lung devices are designed for short, hard and infrequent puffs because low resistance coils are not capable of dealing with constant use. Think of it like this; You buy a pint of beer because you want to drink it at whichever speed you feel is necessary. Long swigs, fast chugs or just a gentle sip now and then. If you buy a shot of something much stronger, you drink it in an instant and wouldn’t have another one for a while after. The beer is mouth to lung and the shot is straight to lung.

A coil can typically last anywhere between a week and a month. Below is a listing of factors to consider if you want longer from your coils.

Wattage range: Make sure you stick to the recommended wattage range provided.

Liquid type: High resistance coils generally want a low VG liquid and visa versa.

Airway: Keep the airway open. This supplies more airflow, helping to keep the coil cool.

Capacity: Keep your tank topped up. This provides more pressure and a cooler temperature.

Style of use: Low resistance coils are designed for INFREQUENT use.


Battery Safety

Battery safety is important and not only where vaping is concerned, and so handling batteries must be done with the utmost care. Ensuring the wrapping of the battery isn’t torn or split is key otherwise you may experience a hard ‘short’ and risk venting the batteries. Also never carry loose cells in pockets or bags where metallic objects could potentially cause an unwanted connection.

The majority of devices you’ll find on this website or in our stores are ‘regulated’. That means that although there is always a risk where batteries are concerned, the risk is no higher than in any other battery operate, household device. Certain products are ‘unregulated’ and these carry much greater risks. If you attempt to buy 1 of these products, a member of our team will likely speak to you directly to ensure confidence that you know what you’re doing. If we do not approve the sale, please do not be offended. We make these decisions with your safety in mind. You are of course still welcome to come into one of our stores and a highly trained member of staff will assist you.

Know what your batteries can handle; especially when dealing with unregulated devices where there are no safety features built into the device because YOU are the safety. Unregulated/mechanical ​devices are those typically with direct output from the battery meaning there’s no way to regulate the power so your knowledge of ohm’s law and batteries come into play.

Don’t build too low resistance and draw too many amps through the cells in the battery so it is important to know the capabilities of each the cells you are using. Check out the battery properties properly and always use branded batteries.

MAh (milleamp hour) determines the capacity of the cell. A higher value in this category means a larger capacity cell and typically the higher this value, the lower the discharge amp limit.

Continuous​ discharge AMP limit is characterised as an uninterrupted discharge of the battery, whereas a pulse discharge is when the cells are repeatedly powered in quick succession and therefore the pulse amp limit is typically higher than the continuous. These values determine how many amps can be drawn through the cells being used, you never want to over work your batteries as this will cause problems.


Ohms Law



Ohms law is at the very core root of vaping, and without even realising it we use it everyday. The equation states that to work out how many amps are being drawn through the battery, Voltage is divided by the Resistance​. Ohms Law needs to be taken into consideration at all times when vaping.

Single Tubes/Single Cell Boxes/Single Cell Squonks
● As a rule, never build below 0.1ohm​!
● Batteries with a high discharge amp limit ​only!
● Different mods have different battery orientation, Positive​ is not always
located at the top, check for where the venting holes are!
● Fully charged batteries using these devices output 4.2v!

Parallel Box Mods
● As a rule, never build below 0.1ohm​!
● Batteries with a high discharge amp limit​ only!
● Capacity (mAh​) is multiplied by the number of cells in the battery, 2500mAh
x2 equals 5000mAh but the same is true for the discharge amp limit​!

Series Boxes/Stacked Tubes
● As a rule, never build below 0.3ohm​!
● Batteries with a high discharge amp limit ​only!
● Voltage output is doubled due to 2 cells in series configuration, 4.2v x2 equals
8.4v but the capacity (mAh​) remains the same as does the discharge amp

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