Vape Starter Kits and Pens

Vape Starter Kits and Pens

If you’re looking to adopt a new smoke-free life, our starter kits are the perfect place to begin. We’ve got lots of brands to choose from and tonnes of styles of browse, so no matter your taste or budget, there’s something in our collection for you. The great thing about our starter kits is that they contain everything you need, offering a completely hassle-free and super easy way to begin a vaping lifestyle. Look out for funky designs from Voopoo and Smok plus sleek linear vape pens from Aspire and Innokin – the choices are endless.

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What types of starter kits do we offer and what do they include?

The starter kits we offer are based around everything you need in one package to begin vaping. You’ll find the following in all our vaping starter kits:

  • The vape pen or pod itself
  • 2 coils or cartridges (so you have your first replacement ready to go)
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual

Some kits will also include an additional accessory or two depending on the brand you choose. The different types of starter kits will depend on which one you like the look of, especially if this is your very first experience of vaping. Each product has a short description telling you what it’s all about, so you can see precisely what that specific starter kit will offer in terms of vaping experience.

Closed pod or open pod system?

You may be slightly overwhelmed with the different terminology and acronyms surrounding vaping, but don’t worry, you’ll get to know what these all mean very quickly as you progress. One thing you may have already come across is closed or open pod systems, so here’s a quick run down of what each means:

Closed pod: perfect for beginners as closed pod systems provide the simplest form of vaping. You buy pre-filled tanks which are easy to insert into your device. Once empty, you just buy another as a replacement.

Open pod: instead of replacing the tank each time, you’re able to refill the e-liquid when you run out. It only needs replacing when the coil is used up, or alternatively you can get open pod systems where you replace the coil too, allowing you to keep hold of the tank indefinitely.

For more information on vaping for beginners, view our vaping guide.

A pod or pen? Things to consider

Aside from style, the difference between a pen and pod is partly down their longevity. A pen vape is geared more around convenience of use, whereas a pod is larger and a bit more durable, holding more powerful batteries too. Whether you choose a pod or a pen depends on your preference to vaping – some users may find pods a bit too chunky to hold onto, whereas others may want longer lasting vapes which give more bang for their buck. We recommend asking your fellow vaping friends to hold their devices to see where you might want to start out. Or you could always order one of each if you’re unsure.

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